Make it a game, challenge yourself and learn!

So… A few days ago I had a talk while taking a bus on my way home with a friend about projects and the things that we do at work and the difference between our approaches… That lead me to writing this post about the way that I usually approach projects/tasks at work.

I follow a few simples rules:

  • Dare to be stupid – If “Weird Al” Yankovich can do it why can’t I? The basic idea here is… Don’t be afraid to ask the dumbest questions possible if needed, bug your co-workers if needed until you get answers if you can’t find it in online resources and eventually LEARN and maybe the co-workers that you bugged will learn something with you.
  • Always strive to do something new¬†– Always try to somehow find yourself in a project where there are technologies that you don’t know or not that familiar with them, this way… you learn new material and the arsenal that you have for future projects is getting bigger and your solutions will be better.
  • Help other teams¬†– Try helping other (for me it’s mainly tech) teams such as DevOps. This relates directly to the previous note and it will make you a better developer that’s for sure… Plus you can now solve some of your own problems and don’t have to wait for anyone.
  • Break stuff – In my opinion the best way (and sometimes the fastest… because you don’t have a choice) if to just go ahead and work on something and most likely break it… That way you start to investigate and understand what you are working on as a bonus to finally (probably…) fixing the problem.

That being said… Everyone is different and we can’t all go by the same work-plan but those are just a few things I follow to improve myself and learn new things.

Now, why did I call it “Make it a game” ? Because one other thing that I do is that I treat tasks, problems or projects as games… Puzzles to be more exact (and I love solving puzzles) and with this approach I personally get to have more fun during the work day and even if I get frustrated solving a hard puzzle is 10 times more rewarding at the end.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and tell me what makes you tick at work… Happy hacking!



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