Announcing: Kosher Warrior – In Space

I’m going to start working on a new game with Unreal Engine 4 and will be posting progress as I go. Will also include my thoughts and comparison to Unity3D as a beginner game developer. Stay tuned!

Goals for this project:

  1. Create a more complex game flow
  2. Get to know Unreal Engine 4
  3. Create a more complex UI for game (Main Menu, Settings, etc…)
  4. The game has to be visually more impressive than the last game
  5. Decide if continue with UE4 or Unity3D or both each for it’s own use case

Since this is my second project I expect a better result from myself (maybe not by too much but better for sure). A more polished and mature product at the end. As mentioned above, will be updating on progress and tips and share my problems/thoughts on the process.

Happy game developing to all!



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