Kosher Warrior – First Game

This is my story of me finally working on a game and my thoughts on using Unity3D for simple game development. I started this project to get to know Unity3D and to learn the concepts of modern game engines. Here are a few tips I can write on how to progress and make the first game work.

Set Goals: So first of all you need to make sure that the project you are working on is goal oriented so that you know when to stop. This is very important since in a game you can think of so many cool improvements and add-ons that you can loose focus and never finish it.

In this project my goal was to make a simple yet full game with a splash screen, main menu and a playable map with power ups and drops from dead enemies.

Play ASAP: Always start simple and play the game as soon as possible. This will give you the chance to see if your idea is actually fun and playable and will allow you to optimize gameplay as you go. Modern engines like Unity3D allow you to focus on the important things in a game and not worry about low level things which is great.

Find A Game Tester: It is also important to give other people a chance to play the game so that they give you feedback and tell you if you are on the right track. In Kosher Warrior I had a friend test my game and had great feedback which lead to the final product.

Do Everything For First Game: In my opinion, for the first game, it’s better if you do everything by yourself (include art, music etc…) since it is important for you as a developer/designer to understand the entire workflow that is involved in creating a game. Once you get the hang of it you will find it easier to work with other people and manage workflow and tasks.

In general, from my experience with my first game it is a different way of working, much more fun and interesting and brings new challenges that you may not faced before.. When it comes to controls of the game and performance optimization and finding/creating the right assets. This is all part of the fun and I’m going to start working on a new game soon and using a different engine to compare and play around with it so that I will know my tools.

You can look at some short videos (sorry, no sound) that I made that show my progress. First one is just me playing around with the game and trying my idea.


The second is me actually adding a real enemy model and see how it fits in the world



and the third is almost the finished product minus a few optimizations.



Please feel free to download and install the game:



Kosher Warrior OSX 64bit 144.93 MB 5 downloads

Kosher Warrior OSX 64bit Installer ...

Kosher Warrior Windows 64bit 128.79 MB 4 downloads

Kosher Warrior Windows 64bit Installer ...



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